Expanded granular bed biofilm reactor

Process expanded granular bed biofilm reactor (MBBR process), either as a separate biological treatment system, with the combination of the activated sludge method, in order to increase the processing performance of the activated sludge process. Can also be used as a means of biological pre-treatment of high strength industrial wastewater, can greatly reduce the area. Dosing efficient biological packing in the reactor, the biomass can be achieved 12g / L, and effectively improve the number of microorganisms. Efficient bio-filler is increased in the activated sludge process, is conducive to the adhesion of the nitrification monocytogenes superiority strains, and thus has a significant nitrogen and phosphorus removal capacity, and the sludge age of the biofilm on the carrier, the concentration of the nitrifying bacteria is high, so The denitrification capacity significantly. Ammonia nitrogen removal rate can reach 90% or more.

    Sewage after vector reactor, water microorganisms constantly attached to the surface of the inside and outside the carrier growth and biofilm formation. The carrier in the reactor mixture flipping rotate freely, the biofilm and waters sufficient contact of pollutants and decomposition, so that the water to be purified. The mixture flipping and the moving of the carrier rely on aerobic aeration or stirring in the form of anaerobic to achieve.


1, without stents, flow resistance, and save energy

2, material modified surface treatment to improve the environment for the growth

Hydrodynamic design configuration, and strengthen the surface adhesion

4, anti-UV, anti-aging, long life

5, the load is high small footprint, adding the amount of direct reference, covers an area of cost savings

6, the effective specific surface area, attached microbial biomass


1, the hydrophilic: by changing the material of the hydrophilic angle, increase the hydrophilicity of the filler;

2, oxygen utilization is high: to increase the surface and the binding of oxygen molecules through the modified material;

3, easy to hang film: add nutritional elements required for the growth of microorganisms through a material increase linked to the film speed and biomass;

4, long life: by adding anti-aging, anti-UV elements to improve the use of materials birthday noodles

Specifications, specific gravity, bulk number of effective surface area of the dosing rate, linked to the membrane time nitrification efficiency, BOD5 oxidation efficiency and COD oxidation efficiency, long service life

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